Winchester Brunch DJ gig – Salamano’s Dog

Disco is not dead at all. It was only sleeping. Recently I had the honor of picking through a disco and dance collection owned by famed local DJ Freddie James. Freddie was a DJ in Cleveland for many years on the airwaves and behind the tables for tons of local events. He worked at DISCO 92 (WLYT), DISCO 108 (WDMT) and 93.1 (WZAK), JAMMIN 92 and most recently 94.9 (WQMX).

I have procured tons of his Disco gems from the 70’s to early 80’s and felt the need to get out there and play some of these for the public.   We are talking The Gap Band, Con Funk Shun,  Gloria Jones, Sugar Hill artists, Grand Master Flash.  This collection spans the funk, soul, electro years with the added disco classics, and shit you’d hear on the Love Boat,   It’s not all good…not by a long shot, but most of this stuff hasn’t seen the sun, or a turntable in years.

Boogie Brunch is going to be a nice groovy way to start off your Saturday right with the smooth sounds of Salamano’s Dog (aka Northeast Ohio Vinyl Clubs founder Jason Burchaski). We will pay tribute to some of the forgotten sounds of the 70’s and show respect to Freddie by putting his collection to good use at the best live music venue going right now in Cleveland. Many of these records haven’t seen the light of day in in years, many of them shouldn’t, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

Boasting one of the best brunch menus in the Cleveland area the Winchester will absolutely cure any Friday night hangover or at the very least the bottomless Mimosas can start a brand new one off for you.  Saturday June 2nd, 11am – 4pm.

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