Cleveland Public Theatre | Rincon Criollo

0e82ed2c6aMy cousin Marcia Custer has been rocking out the theater, performance art and music thing for a while.  I have always said “I am coming to see you”, way too many times and never followed through on it.  I honestly love performance art, love the theater too so I had to do this.  Marcia did her one woman show I WENT DOWN TO THE WATER AND FOUND MYSELFIE THERE so I absolutely had to make good on my million promises.  More importantly I wanted to go.  I heard great things about the Cleveland Public Theatre and sadly it has been since like the 90’s at least since I have been to an independent production.  Yes, I am a dick who somehow still loves the arts.

The Test Flight series at CPT sounded pretty cool.  Test Flight is a multi-week series where artists are given the keys to the theatre to develop their projects to a workshop level. In addition to serving local artists, Test Flight will also be open to national and international artists who wish to come to Cleveland to develop their pieces.

I really enjoyed the show and the venue for that matter.  Great sound, acoustics, ample seating, little bar in the lobby.  The performance was pretty well attended, yeah there were some empty seats but I think this series will get more and more people out there to check them out.  The people that were there truly seemed to enjoy the performance.  There was humor, some music and I was entertained.  I only stayed for Marcia’s gig though, which I felt bad about but there is only so much culture I can take on a Saturday.
17758494_10154997580889927_5144410652944673651_oBilled as “A one-woman avant-musical tragicomedy about the internet – that’s also a self-help beauty pageant for the soul. Learn how to take the perfect selfie and practice self-care with performance artist and accredited interweb life-coach, Marcia Custer!” it was true to form.  Marcia captivated the audience through the show using an overhead projector, music, some effect pedals and herself.  It was a biting take on our need for acceptance on social media.  It was a riveting 40 minutes that made you laugh, and at times cringe.

17629827_10154998000614927_4219597729559615501_nLike I said we bolted after the first show and we headed over to Rincon Criollo down the street a few doors.  I am not versed in the food of Puerto Rico and figured hey why not.  We got there a little before 8pm and realized like 10 minutes into ordering, they close at 8pm.  I was that guy, and felt terrible enough to leave a super big tip.  However the staff was completely accommodating knowing full well we committed a foodie crime.  Service was great and the food was good.  We started with a couple Empanadas which were ok.  Can’t go wrong with fried crunchy pockets of love filled with meat, but they were a bit dry, overcooked.  I had the Mofongo, a mashed plantain ball with shrimp.  Presentation was pretty cool on this one my wife had some sort of sandwich made with Plantains as the “bread”.  I think both were very good, but lacked a whole lot of flavor.  I’d like to go back and check out more of the menu as it looked like there was a lot of variety and it all felt like eating at moms table, but the ladies on the street corner churches in Tremont have my heart and my wallet now that spring has hit.

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