Wizard World Cleveland

ww-comiccon7_1424381057473_13473695_ver1.0_640_480I have wanted to go to Wizard World since they started doing shows here, like a couple years ago.  Yeah, way back.  It really wasn’t what I expected in some aspects but very much in others.  There were the folks in Cosplay, not many of them though, but enough to make me smile in each aisle.  I saw Professor X, and Ivy, and Logan, Sexy Leia, and like a smattering of Harley Quinn’s.  What I didn’t see were a lot of comics, which was weird.  However tons of independent small press folks were selling their books at booths all over.  That was great.

The Convention Center, is impressive in size, they had one line to check bags.  One line…to..check…bags.  That was pretty stupid.  I had won tickets courtesy of a contest held by Blue Arrow Records (Cleveland’s premier used record shop).  So I just had to head to a ticketing area marked for us special folks and away we went.  And by away we went my wife totally skipped the purse check line.  Using the theory of going to get your tickets then bypassing the purse line seemed way too easy.  I doubt anyone would sneak in anything stupid to a Comic Con, regardless of the chick I saw with a barbed wire covered baseball bat.  Fuck it, nerds don’t like to fight.  It was all good.

What I did see.  Kevin Sorbo!  I was like 5 feet from Hercules and I could probably take him.  I had to remind my wife that he was Hercules, but she remembered him more as Professor Radisson from God’s Not Dead.  I almost bumped directly into Barry Bostwick walking down the aisles with his handler.  As seen in Rocky Horror, my wife remembers him from Spin City.  He looks like a coked out madman in person, but you know in a good way.  I think that’s his gig, looking all disheveled.

17362476_1145027375608644_8217808247740342207_nThere were tons of booths selling all kinds of toys, and collectibles and handmade nerd Etsy items.  It was cool checking out some of the Steampunk Hats from The Blonde Swan out of Fremont Ohio.  They had some great fun leather hats, everything from a Dr. Who Dalek Fez to Victorian style Star Wars inspired caps.  Ashley Ross was selling her plush dolls at The Cuddle Cult, but we missed on seeing her.  Jim Lanza was there selling his awesome art from his local business called The Foundry Woodprints.  He has some of the coolest shit in Cleveland.  Outside of the fun local stuff you could get your hands on crazy ass Japanese plush items, and like 7,000,000 Funko Pop items, my personal favorite.

Honestly, for a casual fan $35.00 is a lot of dough to go somewhere basically just to spend money.  I had no interest in the meet and greets, well, at least no interest in paying for them.  Although they offered some conferences #1 not easy to figure out where those were located.  The map was pretty fucking terrible.  #2 I just didn’t have any interest.  Again…casual fan so a lot of this stuff is way above my head.  However for the true comic nerds out there this was probably pretty clutch.  It’s more a comic culture show.  The local comic shows have more actual comics.  This is more like a nerd symposium and it was a lot of fun.

I always note the “Talent Subject to Change” on the websites for most of these gigs, but I thought it was pretty shitty that the biggest names were cancellations.  Michael C. Hall cancelled due to personal reasons. Jamie Murray and James Remar cancelled due to filming.  The rest of the folks billed outside of the little girl from Stranger Things were pretty D-List.

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