Lido Lounge Reopens! Actually it never closed

lido-loungeFolks, when I am wrong (and this happens a lot) I am wrong.  I will admit it.  I will own it, and I will apologize for it.  I had a couple of “leads” and “sources” confirming not 1, not 2, but 3 times that Cleveland’s historic Lido Lounge was closing their doors.  The most important person that I left out of that equation was the actual Lounge itself.  I guess when you hear a business closing in this economy you kind of take it as immediate fact.  Multiple restaurants have closed over the last year.  It is just part of the business and a part of Cleveland.

When I was approached with the fact that the Lido never closed it was well after the damn post went local viral.  They mentioned it on the Alan Cox Show, and the post was shared 100’s of times and viewed over 4,000 times.  In blog terms 4,000 views is a ridiculously big number.  Was it funny?  Yeah of course it was, but not because the business closed.  It was funny because of the sick twisted memories I had of going to the club.  That shit was true.  100% not fabricated adventures in Cleveland.  This was also in the late 90’s early 2000’s.  It’s been YEARS since those days.

I got the opportunity to chat back and forth with the DJ and Manager Eric and let me tell you the guy is fucking cool.  I would have been ripping into me like a savage if I were him.  Instead we decided to partner up and do a real article about the Lido down the road.  It will happen.  I don’t just review high end joints.  I talk about Cleveland, the people, the stories, the history.  I promote area small businesses.  There is no difference between the Lido Lounge and Cork and Cleaver.  Well, minus the naked chicks.  They both share a common goal.  That goal is to make people in Cleveland happy.  They both do it in different ways.  However they both want the same outcome; a happy client base and a successful small business.

13669538_1118596654846138_3662171519088575300_oTo discredit the Lido Lounge or to make it less important to the city is hypocritical.  Just because I am not a strip joint guy doesn’t mean their aren’t 1000’s who are.  What I can truly tell you about the Lido would fit in a thimble.  It has a sorted history.  Yeah, but so does this entire city.  If it weren’t for the blue collar joints, the sketchy character kind of places this city would have burned along with the river.  When street corners were dying places like the Lido stuck around.  Some people might not have liked that fact but the bottom line is they continued to pump revenue into a sluggish economy through some pretty lean years there and they stood the test of time.

Guys, I am not going to lie.  To say I never saw some seriously fucked up shit at the Lido would be absolutely false.  However, again this was like in 1999.  The stories are funny and 100% true.  There was a chick we named “Scar Belly”.  There was a bouncer that tried to lure us to stay by saying “That’s my sister” pointing to the girl on the main stage.  This shit absolutely happened.  At the end of the day they are stories, and memories of experiences I have had in the past.  I never said they were BAD experiences.  They were unforgettable and memorable experiences and that says a lot about the Lido.  If you have been there you will never forget the experience they provided.

That being said I look forward to meeting with Eric.  He seems like a solid dude.  I had fears of being cut into pieces and shippedoff to Eastern Europe after telling 4,000 people they closed.  I will offer more at a later date, but right now what I am offering is an apology for taking the word of three knuckleheads over the actual business itself.  So, if you have never been to the Lido Lounge do it.  You know it is on your Cleveland Bucket List.  Time to cross it off the list.


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