Rumor Mill: Closure of Cleveland Landmark Lido Lounge

***Disclaimer…this rumor has been proven false since the story was posted.  It was spread by a bitter ex-employee from my understanding.  Cleveland Rejoice, the Lido is not closing and has no intention of closing.  Please continue to support this local Cleveland historical landmark.  This bar has a sense of humor and a heart of gold.  While it might not be for everyone it’s good enough for some.  Support local businesses, carry on.***

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  1. Dj Eric says:

    As part of the Leo Lounge Staff and an insider of the ownership, I can tell you for a fact that the Lido Lounge is NOT closing it’s door. We are still opened every night at 6pm.

    Now, this artical is entertaining but much of it is hearsay from a writer whom I have NOT seen identified so I will do this, I am sure I know who is giving this information and I can say that if they are identified (if I am right) has a grudge agent the club and even told me directly the S/he was going to try and close us down.

    AL I can say is this artical starts with the words “Rumor Mill” in its title and in the first sentence it states “Yet to be confirmed.

    Much of the artical seems to be writen in the style of a gradeschooler. But hey, that’s what you get with people starting rumors.

    Infact, this is so funny that I may name our Sunday nights after it and offer drink specials and industry night discounts and call it “Rumor Sunday”!

    Lido Lounge is located at 3029 west 117th street right across from Giant Eagle. Rumor has it that it is opened tonight :-).

    Maybe I’ll see you their.

    DJ Eric. 🙂

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    1. J Burchaski says:

      Hey thanks for the info! I heard someone said it was on WKYC this morning. I have no grudge against the club. I find the absolute humor in the Lido Lounge. There is nothing too factual in this story and many of my “true” stores are from years ago. Take care Eric, much success.


      1. Dj Eric says:

        Thank you sir for a quick and honest response. I find humor in most of the posts and blogs about us but when it can affect business like saying we are closing, I take it seriously. All in all, thank you and anytime you want to be MY guest at Lidos, I will have my best girls sit with you and maybe you can blog about some of the attractive ones “Working their way through college!” 😉
        Best regards, DJ Eric. 👍

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  2. G. Miller says:

    That’s good stuff there.

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  3. Apryl says:

    Hoe fucking dare you choose a picture of a deceased woman you mark a bullshit article . Hoe fucking dare you get so bored that you must make bullshit up about a club full of women who are just trying to make it . Distasteful is am understatement.

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    1. Eric Gardner says:

      Apryl. thank you for defending Fey. We miss her still. I will say though that the person who wrote this was unaware of her passing and he and i have talked about it. He apologized and is attempting to set the record right.

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      1. J Burchaski says:

        Thank you Eric. No disrespect intended.


  4. John Smith says:

    The place is ghetto. Too many ghetto black people there. Not clubs fault. It’s a shame we have anti-discrimination laws.


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