Cleveland Folk Hero

13873019_10154260885999927_7426218267917803475_nOnce considered the Voice of Cleveland in the up and coming years Jason Burchaski was the voice of the trailblazers of a city on the rise.  Savagely honest, unabashed and shameless in his delivery he was christened the spurious offspring of Anthony Bourdain, Hunter S Thompson and Charles Bukowski of the burgeoning Cleveland writing landscape.

The patron saint of Cleveland cuisine and music Burchaski would meander the streets as the common man.  His rise in popularity made him a D-list celebrity all over town.  “Burchaski is the kind of guy you love but want to see get punched in the face repeatedly”, said one local restaurateur who wished to remain nameless.

11202853_10153437061064927_3608575108673128133_nBurchaski said “I wrote for the Cleveland Independent and they went out of business the next week.  I got too big too fast.  I always wanted to be in the shadows but kept getting more and more popular for more or less being an asshole.  Scene fucking abhorred me.  Fresh Water Cleveland thought I was an absolute dick, and there were rumors Cool Cleveland actually put a bounty on my head at shows.  I misspell shit, cuss, have no grasp of grammar or punctuation and use run on sentences like it is my job, but people just dug it for whatever reason.”

Burchaski had memorable feuds with local chefs, multiple writers, musicians, and the so called elitist foodies.  Burchaski says “When shit like that Cleveland Foodies group starting getting on Live on Five or whatever the fuck they call it I hung it up.  It was over.  These people like eating walking tacos.  Seriously, Fritos and chili in a chip bag with a fork and call it haute cuisine.  They take pictures of it and are proud of it.  It was so ludicrous.  People were getting their food advice from some 90 year old crypt keeper.”

14390901_10154419284599927_1259293409217899140_nThe question many ask is does the guy still have it to make another run at it?  Many people haven’t seen him in years.  One of the last reviews he did was about a shitty Rick Springfield concert.  Is he out of touch?  Did he lose his roots?  His last few months were like someone who was phoning it in for a free lunch.  He got so soft towards the end it was like reading all the pay for play Yelp reviews nonstop.  So, Burchaski is back, but which one shows up?

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