Rock Hall Turns Up the Volume on Induction Events

Rock Hall Turns Up the Volume on Induction Events More Than 20 Events & Programs Including the Grand Opening of the New Hall of Fame CLEVELAND (March 12, 2018) – To celebrate the 33rd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, City of Cleveland, Inductees, partners, fan clubs,…

Burning River Record Riot

Burning River Record Riot Spin – Swap – Social Cleveland’s biggest vinyl show   CLEVELAND, MARCH 18TH, 2018 — Jason Burchaski’s Northeast Ohio Vinyl Club might be the new kid on the block but it continues to make huge waves on Lake Erie. The 3rd installment of the show is rocking and rolling through Cleveland…

Michael’s in Rocky River…still makes breakfast

Sometimes the headline is witty, humorous, or even scathing to make a point and draw the attention of the reader.  Sometimes, it just is what it is.  Yep, Michael’s in River still makes breakfast.  I think there is a saying that about why certain places serve breakfast all day, and that is because you really…

Danny Boy’s Still Swings, Customers Swoon

So, Cleveland Pizza, what is it? For me it is Danny Boy’s. It’s a couple of ice cold draft beers. It’s friendly service. It’s when a Dean Martin or Sinatra tune comes out of the overhead speakers

Cleveland Public Theatre | Rincon Criollo

Marcia captivated the audience through the show using an overhead projector, music, some effect pedals and herself. It was a biting take on our need for acceptance on social media. It was a riveting 40 minutes that made you laugh, and at times cringe.

Wizard World Cleveland

However for the true comic nerds out there this was probably pretty clutch. It’s more a comic culture show. The local comic shows have more actual comics. This is more like a nerd symposium and it was a lot of fun.

The Yelp Plan: as seen in the Cleveland Scene

Imitation is indeed a form of flattery but I thought I would get like a month in before the Cleveland Scene would start outright pilfering my ideas.  I thought a great twist on my articles on local establishments would be complemented at the end by weird or outright bad Yelp reviews to either refute or…

Rumor Mill: Closure of Cleveland Landmark Lido Lounge

***Disclaimer…this rumor has been proven false since the story was posted.  It was spread by a bitter ex-employee from my understanding.  Cleveland Rejoice, the Lido is not closing and has no intention of closing.  Please continue to support this local Cleveland historical landmark.  This bar has a sense of humor and a heart of gold….

El Carnicero Latin Fish Fry

Cleveland; a city that on any given block in the area you are within walking distance to a Fish Fry during the Catholic Season of Lent. It’s a fact.

NEO Vinyl Club Record Swap

I have an impressive vinyl collection. 1,000’s of records, no Steely Dan or Joe Jackson. You know, I only have the good stuff.